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Summer Time 


Malta, Gozo and Comino are the three islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, between Sicily and Tunisia. Because of its strategic position, Malta is one the most beautiful diving destinations in the Mediterranean sea, suitable for beginners, advanced and technical divers.
Crystal clear visibility and evocative underwater landscapes including caves, boats and planes wrecks from the World Wars. So much history hidden on the ocean floor.

The Blue Hole, beginning in a pool at 12m deep leaving through a crack into the blue waters; Um El Faroud, Rozi and P29 wrecks are between the most known and exciting dive sites. Great fun for both advanced divers and to keep training in Deep, Wreck and Enriched Air specialties. 

Malta is a great destination for summer holidays. If you are travelling with a non-diver Malta is the compromise between doing some dives and spending time on surface. Dive sites are along the shore, no long days spent on the boat, no seasickness, dive sites are quick to reach. Also Malta is an easy place where to make a first underwater experience  ;)  in case your buddy wishes to give it a try sharing the experience; starting from the shore is reassuring and the safest way to start breathing underwater. 
We cannot wait to collaborate with the best of Malta's diving center, other than part of our instructor family.

Join us for a week of Adventure together


  • 8 dives - including gozo or comino excursion trip- 2 dives/day

  • trip to um el faroud- south of the island.

  • 7 nights in a deluxe condo

       2 pp bedroom

  • gear for the whole week (excluding computer and torch)

  • nitrox refill 28%

  • max 5 people group

  • divers tribe instructor always in the water

  • gadget Divers Tribe

  • 20% off nitrox specialty/ advance course

  • Also we are up to:

  • night dive (torch included).

  • accomodation in shared 2 people bedroom in beautiful condo with another diver.

  • airport transfer

  • divers tribe driver on shared car/van to visit malta for the week

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