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Koh Lanta

On this island of Thailand, is where it all started. It's where, we turn our  passion in vocation and we did our training of instructors.  

Here we feel at home, with friends, long beaches, secret corners, a lot of nature to discover and wonderful diving.

We will be here until mid-March so: if you are already divers who want to know these seabed, full of healthy corals, with great marine life, schools of fish that create spectacular clouds and even the unexpected visits of whale sharks, stingrays and some other shark; or are you brave adventurers who dare to try breathing underwater for the first time; those who want to get their Open Water Padi to be able to dive more independently or for those who want to increase their training. We offer you our company.  

Dive in Spanish , Italian and English we give a personalized service, just for you. From the first time we meet, which is probably on the beach watching the sunset until the end of the day or our course will be everything to your liking. Normally our groups are usually couples or groups of friends. We do not mix unless we want people who do not know each other.

As we are not directly working in a store, we play with the freedom of being able to adjust to the demands you have, in the best way to make a day a memory. We collaborate with the best dive shops in Koh lanta, and the price is the same. As if you paid them. The only difference is that with us you guarantee small groups super personalized treatment (we can choose whether to go by fast boat, or spend the whole day at sea) and the comfort of speaking in the language you want. And as I say without having to pay more.


Of course, we also help you solve your doubts about this place that we already know so much about. (Where to sleep, what to eat, how to get there ...).

Write us by email, whatsapp, instagram or facebook to get going and go diving

We are looking forward to diving !!!

Koh Lanta

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