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Occhio di Dio

Occhio di Dio, the name of this Dive Spot is for the rock formation that gives rise to the imagination of an "eye", a triangular fissure with a large rock in the center that we already can see arriving with the boat. The lovers of the mountain, we find this limestone that sinks in the sea in an authentic spectacle!. Mix of sea and mountain. The vertical walls sink into the sea forming cuts and cavities where we can find diverse marine life. Wide cavities and fragments sometimes fallen in distant times, which make diving an authentic adventure.

This is a beautiful dive, whose normal underwater route starts at a depth of -18 mt. and can reach up to -40 mt. to then swim among the great collapsed rocks, full of fissures, cuts and cavities, where the dominant species in holes and crevices lovers of darkness, swim calmly under the shelter of the direct light that comes from the surface. Here we can find small lobsters well hidden and turning our eyes towards the wide parts you can find dentons and giant azoxers that swim industurbados from time to time. Returning to the buoy where we are moored, swim at lower level to observe everything that covers the vertical walls, which from the surface, are submerged in the sea. The dive ends just under the "eye", a triangular fissure with a large rock in the center that is already coming with the boat from there comes the name of this point.

- Maximum depth: 20 meters

- Minimum level: Open Water

- Route: 10 minutes

- Background time: 40 minutes

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occhio di dio mapa dive spot
seca del papa 1.jpg

Secca del papa 1


This is one of the most famous areas in the whole Mediterranean. Nothing to be celous of the dives in tropical waters. We do not get tired of diving in this place, since it forces us to repeat it more than once, given its different depths and the great marine life it harbors. It is recommended to dive with a flashlight to appreciate one of the most colorful backgrounds of the Mediterranean.

It is not an immersion that we bring to all the public, even though, we would love it. In the first place, because even though we descend from the line, it is lowered to a depth that varies between -35 and -45 meters around the main points. Therefore, an optimal buoyancy control is required, both for self-safety and to avoid damaging the bottom of this underwater treasure full of delicate gorgonians, that we have to take care of and conserve. Very important, to be familiar with the use of a diving computer and the DEC times, when it comes to deep diving you have to be awere.

The immersion area is equipped today with two buoys for the fixed mooring of the boat, being absolutely impossible to throw the anchor: the descent, splendid regardless of the chosen route, is done swimming in the middle of clouds of huge castanets that they frame the mountains that rise to the surface. In the immersion of Papa  1, the main mountain rises from the bottom from -33 meters to -15 meters. It has a vertical wall of more than 20 meters completely covered with red gorgonians, sea daisies, encrusted sponges and the rare yellow gorgonia; In some moments of the season, and certainly towards the end of summer, the show is really incredible, because it often happens that we swim surrounded by hundreds of large amberjacks, bream, bream, dentex. The characteristic presence of many groupers can be observed from the first minutes of the descent, because between the branches of the gorgonians, in the sinuosities and, often, also in the small burrows perhaps already occupied with congeries or moray eels, these splendid fishes They move calm despite the presence of divers.

Maximum depth: 35m

Minimum level: Advanced Open Water

Recommended title: Deep Diver - Nitrox

Immersion time: 40minutes

Punta Arresto 


This Dive Spots is located on the coast of Molara Island. Despite the proximity to the island of Tavolara, it is formed of granite stone. What gives it a reddish tone and more canonical formation. To whom the immersion is incredible !! the rock formation continues along the seabed, creating an underwater world of the most fun. Diving among its canons we can find endless animal life. Big grupers, octopus, moray eels, lobsters, barracudas ... and what the Mediterranean wants to give us that day. It is a dive in which everyone enjoys, since from the moment we tie the boat to the buoy we can already contemplate the seabed. It is also a good point for lovers of snorkeling since the depth ranges from -3m to -33m. The visibility of the place is always good, and the days of sun and calm sea is a spectacle to look up to look at the banks of small fish against light and the hypnotic movements they make when moving all together.

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