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Dive spots

Mapa Madivaru corner


This is the real reason why we ended by staying in Maldives for almost 8 months. It is a unique spot to dive, hard to describe as every day very different and full of surprises. Madivaru Corner faces the other Channel that connects Madivaru island with Rasdhoo. Again due to loads of water movement incoming and outgoing the atoll there is much life and action going on. The feeling is to be inside an aquarium, colorfull with great visibility and big animals all the time. Shark shows, school of eagle rays, tutles, tunas, napoleon, trevally,  sometimes all together at the same time in the same frame.
The top of the pinnacle is between 15 and 20 mt deep making it suitable also for comfortable open water divers.

- Max Depth: 30 mt
- Minimun Certification: Open Water (comfortable)
- Bottom Time: 50 min
- Current: yes

Manta en Manta point

Manta Point

A big coral block in 12 mt deep being a cleaning station for Manta Rays. It is a beautiful dive spot suitable for everyone, even snorkelers. We descend on top of the block and sit down on the sandy bottom enjoying the view of mantas once they appear. If we keep quiet and stay still manta get very playful with the bubbles making an amazing show coming close to us.
- Max Depth: 13 mt
- Minimun Certification: Open Water
- Bottom Time: 50 min
- Current: yes


Located on the Alif Alif atoll, west of Malè and 1 hour away by fast boat. It has a circular shape with a diameter of 500 meters and a population of 1,000 inhabitants. Very clean atoll has 1 hospital, a primary school, three restaurants around 22 Bed and Breakfast  and the center for water activities (kite surfing, jet skis, windsurfing, canoes ...). A heavenly place with beautiful white sand beaches, a true paradise for diving enthusiasts.



This is a famous channel in Alif Alif atol area. It connects Rasdhoo with Kuramathi Resort Island with its six pinnacles that draw an underwater path line between the two islands. The top of the pinnacles varies from 20 to 27 mt deep.  
While diving we have on the inside part of the channel a sandy bottom with rays resting and napoleon cruising. On the other side we face the big blue full of sharks, tuna, trevalley swimming against the current.
During this dive other than being deep we can experience strong current, making it suitable for advanced divers.
- Max Depth: 30 mt
- Minimun Certification: Advance
- Bottom Time: 40 min
- Current: yes

Find out more about the school at Rasdhoo

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