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Tavolara and Molara

Dive Spots

This length of sea, designated a Protected Marine area in 1997 by no means by chance, is a typical coral habitat, typically characterised by sea fans (Paramuricea clavata e Eunicella verrucosa) and large sponges (Axinella polipoides, Spongia agaricina). Nonetheless, the prominent characteristic of this marine environment encircling the Tavolara and Molara islands is its ability to offer, within the first 25m depth, such a rich habitat and extensive bio-diversity as to constitute a synthesis of all that the Mediterranean has to offer. Even the apparently uninteresting low waters, in reality hide many surprises, such as meeting shoals of miniscule multicoloured gilthead beam, intent in munching a few sea urchins, or to see a diving cormorant. This particular richness and diversity guarantees dives of every kind, able to satisfy even the most demanding divers. All “framed” by extraordinarily limpid water.

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