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Mar de cortez

La Paz, the “Gateway to the Sea of Cortez” offers the best opportunities to explore the wonders of the beautiful Baja California south peninsula.


We cannot wait you to join the exploration of the pacific coasts of Mexico. World famous destination that offers the chance of diving with Whale sharks, Hammerheads, Sperm Whales and Sea Lions. Dolphins together with us in the navigation to the dive sites.


The colorful coral reefs are protected from the strong currents coming from the Sea of Cortez and old underwater volcanoes, canyons and pinnacles represent the great landscape of this area. Of course topped by amazing Mexican food at the end of our diving day.

Photogenic funny animals that spend their days sunbathing on the surrounding rocks. While diving we might have special encounters with very unique species like gray whales and seals.

La Paz and the surrounding islands witness wrecks, caves and wide range of pelagic species.


In the summer season in calm waters there are many baby seals and sea lions that are extremely interactive and friendly with visitors. They are so playful with divers that will make our day brighter.


dive spots

  • LOS ISLOTES                                                                                                            Site of a colony of more than 200 sea lions. Playful and very interactive animals fill the dive with memorable time spent between jokes and bubbles.

  • SALVATIERRA                                                                                                              In 1976 the wreck accidentally sunk after hitting Swanee reef. The ferry lays at 18 mt deep and assures one of the best dive spots of the area.

  • EL BAJO                                                                                                                        Underwater mountain made of three sepatate pinnnacles. Being in the dive spot where we have chance of pelagic encounters between which Hammerheads, Mantas, Marlins and Whalesharks.


  • FANG MING                                                                                                                  54 mt long cargo Chinese boat employed to the illegal transportation of immigrants. Confiscated my Mexican government, it has been sunk in 1999 to create an artificial reef off the coast.


  • REINA                                                                                                                    Rocky formation located on the north side of Cerralvo Island. One of our favorite dives, site where to dive with Manta rays, bull sharks, turtles and huge schools of fish. Usually one big show of abundance in variety and colors.


  • REINITA                                                                                                                        Rocky formation on the west sife of Carralvo Island. Same of for Reina, this site offers an unique underwater show.


  • ISLA BALLENA                                                                                                                  A small island in front of the west coast of Espiritu Santo. It hosts small caves, incredible coral formations, fans and tropical species.



  • EXCURSION - NATIONAL PARK OF CAPO PULMO                                              The marine partk of Cabo Pulmo is one of the most known areas of the Sea of Cortez. Its importance and nominee is due to the grand variety of underwater protected species and to hosting one of the three alive reefs left in the whole North America.

Trip plan


Departure from your country

Arrival in La Paz, first night in Mexico!!!

Excursions to: Magdalena Bay, Capo Pulmo, Balandra Beach- Desaturation day snorkeling.

Goodbyes, departure from La Paz,

Arrival in your country


Diving days by speedboat (size depends from the group) : 3 dives/ day according to weather condition

(option of changin 1 afternoon dive with a snorkeling expedition, on site)

During the month of October/November, water temperature is of around 26°, 5 mm wetsuit is appropriate



One of the best events happening in Autumn is the migration of Whalesharks. Due to the whide number of individuals that pass by on this side of the Pacific coast, it is still possible to enjoy a wild encounter.


Balandra beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the Pacific coast. Close to the Tribe accomodation, possible to read the turquoise waters and soft sand in the afternoon to enjoy.

whale shark.png

The trip includes

  • 7 nights in double room with breakfast in associated hotel 3*

  • 12 dives pack (3 dives/day)

  • 6 days together in Baja California

  • Whaleshark trip in La Paz bay

  • Transfer to the dive sites

  • Transfer airport / hotel

  • Divers Tribe instructor in the water


  • International flight

       (from EU between 600/800€)

       (from USA between 300/500$)

  • Diving gear (for rent on site)

  • Diving insurance

  • Travelling insurance

  • Lunch/ dinner

  • Marine park Cabo Pulmo optional trip

  • Magdalena Bay optional trip

  • Tips for local crew (usual 50€ /week)

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